Giorgio Moukarzel

 Owner & Managing Director of Clase Mundial

After having a handful of experiences in the travel & tourism industry, I felt that there was something missing in the market. Yes, you can book your holiday’s tours and weddings with any company; however, I found that I was working under a protocol rather than treating every person in an individual and unique way. This is why together with my wife and brother, we created Clase Mundial. I like to listen and approach every person with care and ensure that I have understood the mindset expressed. Whether it is for a family vacation or a special event, I understand that everyone works hard in this rushed and busy pace that we are living in. Therefore, it is important for me to provide you with the utmost best results in order to enjoy this time that you have away from normal routine.

Having traveled much myself, I have been able to add diversity to my knowledge and have a clear understanding of how other cultures think and behave towards work. I have used this learning to my advantage and am able to work with flexibility towards all guests that enter the Clase Mundial office.

Also, I was fortunate to complete a Master degree in Business Administration with concentration in Human Resources Management at Roehampton University in London. Also, was rewarded with a bachelor degree in Business Administration with concentration in Hospitality Management at the State University of New York. The time in London was extremely helpful for me. The United Kingdom holds a multicultural population. I was mixing with professionals from different back rounds in order to absorb key elements of business growth, client satisfactions and a healthy working environment.

I am always expanding my knowledge in business and customer care. Together with my team, we are able to provide you unbeatable services towards anything you desire for your travels, destination weddings and more.

Yiota Jodie Moukarzel

External Relations Director / Wedding Project Manager

I have lived in London for most of my life. As I was born in the UK I feel very British in my way of thinking and way of working. However, being raised by Cypriot parents, I also have a cultural influence and work ethic which I feel provides me with various qualities, emotion and diversity.
I was introduced to a working role early on in life. After the loss of my father at the tender age of 7, I was motivated to search for work at 14 in order to earn some pocket money. My reason for sharing this information is to provide value to the years of experience that I have had working in the service industry. I have met all types of people from all types of back rounds. I know how to offer professionalism in each situation that could occur to me. I have carried this knowledge in all positions that I have had the pleasure of working in and along the way continued to add to my experience. Now at 30, although I always value learning, I feel that I can understand all individual needs and provide you with the ultimate results that will suit your requirements perfectly.

My education started in the health and beauty industry alongside acquiring the relevant A levels to attend university. At university, I studied human nutrition. Both careers, whether health and beauty or nutrition and dietetics involved a heavy contact with clientele. I am a person that is always eager to please and this has always been a priority for me. My ethos has always been – If I am working in such close contact with others, I must know how to serve them appropriately. I am proud to say that I still to this day have friends (clients) from the time that I was 14. I have gained more over the years and feel rich in value for these people that still ask of me and speak so very highly of my passion to serve others.

At 26, I was happy to accept the role of Regional Manager for a chain of clinics around the south of England. I was responsible for 18 clinics in total. I am happy to share, that all businesses were successful and well organized due to the leadership skills that I was able to offer. The same way that I was able to lead 90 staff members will be the same way that I will lead the success of your wedding. Remember, my passion is to please. I make each wedding conducted by Clase Mundial successful because I will not accept anything less than your happiness for your wedding day.
My passion today is my family and my business, Clase Mundial. Alongside my husband and brother in law, Clase Mundial is our creation. We put our heart, soul and passion towards the success of each dream that walks through our doors. We hope to make yours come true by trusting our words and our services.

Marianne Zouein

Communication & Marketing Executive / Wedding & Events Planner

My bachelor degree in journalism and communication has provided me with additional confidence to plan and be involved in many artistic, political, social and spiritual events. Within these various experiences in event planning, I have the knowledge of pros and cons towards successful and non-successful results. This is why I can guarantee your satisfactions during the preparations of your wedding. Also, my involvement in event planning has given me an eye to improve all that is visual in order to have the best image possible.

As a member of Clase Mundial‘s team, I will have the pleasure to welcome you to our office in order to begin preparations. I have been carefully trained to provide you with the knowledge of how your wedding in Cyprus can be conducted and offer you the best results for what you desire.

I will ensure to understand and translate your visions into reality in coordination with our Cyprus team.

Due to my media and reporting experiences, I feel that I am a very approachable person. You can always, easily, talk to me as I assure you that I will be able to communicate all issues with you throughout, before during and after. You can feel comfortable contacting me anytime.

I am involved with working on every single detail so it becomes unique, artistic and more importantly so it represents your own person!

I love myself at work because of the family which allows me to grow with it. Therefore, I deal with each one of you as a member of this family.

We never lose contact. Why?
Because we do not seek public relations, what we seek are simply, personal relations.

Myriam Lahoud

Guest Relations Manager

After having 4 years’ experience in the hotel industry, leaving my previous post as a Sales and advertising manager, I have all knowledge and skills towards the tourism industry plus relevant communication skills to conduct any type of event.

Within my role at Clase Mundial, I have learnt new values and responsibilities which lead me to offer 100% client satisfaction. Seeing as we are a company with a family spirit, it is no effort to show pleasure in my work as I enjoy my role and environment. This is then reflected to the way I work and the way I take care of our Clase Mundial guests.

As I have recently majored in Journalism and communication, I know that I can offer you the appropriate attitude towards all requests provided to me. I am able to take quick notes and have a vast understanding of the requirements provided to me. Journalism has provided me with the skills to think quick and act quick in emergency situations. I take each request seriously and would not offer anything less than what you demand.

I am also able to communicate and handle all age groups. I personally provide animation for children and have the patients and attitude to handle all tasks that I am faced with in order to deliver utmost professionalism at all times.




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About Clase Mundial: After 10 years of working in the travel and tourism industry, Giorgio Moukarzel, the Director of Clase Mundial Established the company in 2015 along with his wife Yiota, who is British Cypriot and has a 14 years history of working in the service industry within London and Larnaca. In addition, his brother Sergio, who has 5 years’ experience in the hotel and Insurance industry is also an important member of the company. Together they generated the idea of bringing all of their strengths into Clase Mundial which is why the office offers so many services. Our specialties lie in Travel, Tourism, Properties, Weddings and Events.

In the past year, the team of Clase Mundial grew as they introduced new team members that make the quality of Clase Mundial immense. The team of Clase Mundial is what makes the company so special. The hard work, passion and dedication each member offers is inspiring, each and every customer feels this warmth which is why their custom base is expanding so quickly.
A service which is becoming more popular within Clase Mundial is Civil and Religious Weddings in Cyprus. Clase Mundial has the extra edge in this service as Giorgio and Yiota reside in Cyprus. All of the details small and big are dealt with specifically by them. Whether the wedding is for 2 persons or 200, the dedication that is offered cannot be beaten. They are with you every step of the way, from the minute you book the wedding from the minute you say “I do”

The market for properties management in Cyprus seems to have attracted many Lebanese buyers. Giorgio has become an expert in this field as he has personal contacts that help his buyers know the full details of the property they wish to purchase. Our customers know exactly what to expect before they even travel to the island.

For your inquiries, you can reach us anytime by phone +961 9 223 658 or email 


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